The Professional

I’m a team leader & educator with Shore & Country Properties team of  Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate. It's an amazing firm with a presence all over Fairfield County CT & Westchester County NY. We value what it means to be an independent brokerage (and the freedom & decision-making factors that come with it) and we feel we found a great support team for that in BHGRE.  Our focus is and always will be "How can we help our clients reach their goals?". 


I’m a social media nerd and, with a degree in sociology, have always had a knack for understanding trends with people, places, and markets which helps tremendously in negotiations, market research and client relationshups.

I consider myself a lifelong learner and my love for investment RE continues to grow as I network with and learn from some of the biggest names in the game as an active user of the forum & tools of BiggerPockets.com (investors - check it out!!!)

I grew up renovating and taking on DIY projects at our Early 1900’s family home in Marlboro, NY with my father and siblings so it all just comes so naturally to me. (I actually just sold it for 3.5x what we bought it for in 1997!). My husband grew up with his family managing & then investing in multifamily properties and now we help manage over 300 units in New York, Connecticut & Florida. All of the renovation decisions are decided with our team of industry professionals and while it may take longer, we do the work ourselves instead of subcontracting everything. 

My husband, three young children, and I bought our first home in Pleasantville, NY in 2020. It’s a 1990’s Colonial and sported shiny oak floors, brass hardware everywhere, and a terrible cover-up paint job but because of this, we got it for way less than renovated market value. Exactly what we were looking for! Luckily, we moved during the pandemic so we had plenty of time to work on some minor but effective things while we were hunkered down.


The History & The Why


The Momtrepreneur

In a former life, I was an Early Intervention (18m-36m) classroom teacher for children with multiple special needs, a Nanny/Home Assistant for a family in Westport, and investment property manager. Now, I'm a mom of 3 ages 4, 3 & 9 months, working from home with my children playing in the background. My day is a multitasking roller coaster with mom stuff, running our non-profit, assisting my husband with managing family properties, planning education opportunities for BHGRESCP, and of course, client-based activities for Shanna V Realty. ​

A true passion of mine has always been people. My husband and I recently devoted a lot of time and effort to creating The Vataj Foundation which looks to advance learning through the arts and sciences. We are currently researching and raising funds for a local film festival, a speech-centered children's book series and hope to one day open an interactive children’s museum, play space, and coffee shop that will hold classes, hands-on learning experiences, and education through play. 

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